Ann-Marie and Kristina, owner/managers, are involved in every aspect of the growing, making, marketing and sale of their wines. They selected the site and have used their viticultural knowledge and expertise in ensuring a successful crop each year. Disease resistant grapevine varieties are grown that have high resistance to mildews, a major obstacle to successful vine growing in England. This greatly reduces the use of pesticides. The 13 hectare (32 acre) site includes species-rich pasture land, ponds and natural woodland, abundant with bluebells in the spring. It's a site rich in biodiversity.

The wines are made from hand-harvested fruit left to hang until the acidity reaches naturally good levels. This is a particular challenge in England but can be achieved on the best south-facing slopes in the sunniest parts of south east England. Understanding the unique challenges that every year brings and being led by the quality of the fruit, the goal is to fashion innovative wines that stand out and impress with quality and style. No animal products are used to make the wines which are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Our purpose-built cedar clad winery was designed and constructed with sustainability a high priority. Grapes are pressed on site and fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks and then nurtured and matured before bottling. Energy usage is reduced by a careful choice of winery insulation.  Wine making relies on the latest technology, scientific understanding and creative vision. Our winery gives us the facility to create outstanding wines form each year's harvest which have a sense of place. We apply the highest standards to the treatment of winery waste water and have in place a state of the art treatment plant.